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Choosing the Right Kind of Yoga

There are thousands of variations of yoga from all around the world. Some methods are slow whereas some are more energetic. Some are vigorous, while others are calming.

Even though there are so many methods, it isn’t very difficult to choose the best yoga for you, if you get the proper guidance. Our guide will help you to pick the right style. The information in the following steps will lead you to the right type of yoga.

The Reason Behind Your Practice

It is essential to fully understand the intent behind your practice. Do you want to enter the world of yoga to attain spiritual calmness, or is it back pain that brought you to it? Do you want it to help you lose weight, or it is for a wider variety of health benefits?

For example, Ardha Navasana is used as one of the most effective types of yoga for weight loss. The most important consideration when entering the world of yoga is to know what you hope to gain from the practice. Don’t hesitate to contact yoga studios in your area to ask about the different classes they offer, what the goals are for each class, and which is best suited to your personal goals, fitness level, and experience with yoga.

Know Thyself

It is important to know about your preferences as well as your needs. For instance, if you are someone who needs to be pushed then you should start with Hatha Asana. This type of yoga will help you to stabilize your balance and is good for beginners.

The Right Kind of Yoga

Exploring the world of yoga is a good idea when the time comes for you to choose the right one for you. Keep trying different yoga styles and be mindful of the way that your body adjusts to them. Note the physical changes that take place and don’t forget to pay keen attention to the emotions that you feel while practicing. Focus on the styles that inspire you and don’t feel like you have to endure types of yoga that aren’t appealing.

There is no such thing as right or wrong yoga. You won’t find something like ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ yoga, either. The right type is the one that gives you a peace of mind. As long as you learn from an experienced instructor who can guide you through the correct poses, you will be off to a great start.

Yoga is not only limited to physical practice; you can explore the other branches of it as well. Try Raga, Karma, Bhakti or even Jnana Yoga. Explore every side of the yoga world and choose the one that is best for you.