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Russell Simmons started his journey with yoga, meditation, and veganism twenty years ago and has never looked back. The study and practice of yoga transformed his life in many ways, all of them for the better. Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical discipline that anyone can practice, although to be fully awake and present in each moment, Simmons believes in going beyond learning the poses to deeply study what’s behind the asana. With yoga and meditation, he is able to slow down, be present in each moment, and truly see the world.

Meditation is a simple tool Russell Simmons would love to share with everyone. With just twenty minutes of meditating each day, the mind settles and allows you to see the beauty of the present moment. Your mind will be informed on how to reach to the world with a focused and awakened state that persists throughout the day. Anyone can meditate -- even children easily learn how to calm themselves, better control their reactions, and improve their attention spans and behavior through daily meditation.

Support my brother Danny Simmons and his great work with inner city youth via Rush Arts Philadelphia.

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